Established Fund4 which Supports “Internet Conversion” and “Global Conversion” of Japanese Industry. As Our First Portfolio, We Have Invested in ChatWork and C Channel.

We have invested in Japan’s top tier startups including, Freakout, Lancers, mercari, Kaizen Platform, UZABASE, Sansan, Raksul, Money Forward, VASILY, Renoveru and top tier startups in Indonesia and Thailand including Indotrading for Fund 3 which we established two years ago.

Our main focus for Fund 3 was platform business. We have finished our investment for Fund 3 two years before our schedule and we just established our new fund: Fund4.

We will stimulate Japanese industry through “Internet Conversion” (Industrial development using an internet) and by developing a new slogan “Global Conversion”, we accelerate the growth of startups that will enter the US and Asian market.

For our first portfolio, we have invested in Japan’s largest business communication tool ChatWork and the video media startup, C Channel that was established by Akira Morikawa, ex CEO of LINE. Both of these startup has a strong vision and power for the global expansion and matched our investment theme.

GMO VenturePartners Silicon Valley Lab,

GMO Internet Group’s business infrastructure in thirty different countries,

GMO Global Payment Fund which focuses in investment of payment startups in Asia,

We will use these resources and strengths to support startups expand globally.

We will provide our knowledge and resources that experienced in IPO of multiple group companies including GMO Internet, GMO Payment Gateway etc.

Especially, GMO Payment Gateway can provide payment systems and option which is required for the monetization for startups.

Mitsui Sumitomo Bank has already invested for our first closing and many industry giants are having a big expectation in our new fund. Through our new fund we will make an alliance with industry giants.

For next year, we are looking for investors that have a strong interest in our visions “Internet Conversion” and “Global Conversion”.

GMO VenturePartners 4 Investment Limited Partnership
Fund Period Until 31st May 2025
InvestmentTarget Area / Stage Japan 70%, Overseas & funds 30%A startup which will stimulate Japanese industries by “Internet Conversion”(Developing industries using internet) and “Global Conversion” and our accelerating to grow in the global market.
General Partner GMO VenturePartners, Inc.
Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaoka, Shibuya, Tokyo, JAPAN
Investors GMO VenturePartners, Inc., GMO Internet Group companies and will collect half of investments from outside of group companies.

Sho Nakagawa
GMO VenturePartners, Inc.